Visa & Immigration Service:

Visa Consultancy is a firm that have the right legal knowledge about the laws of both visa laws and immigration laws for getting different types of visas. Visa Consultancy helps people to move from one country to another through legal documentation process.

Many people now a days goes to the visa consultancy to seek help before scheduling their interviews. But, unfortunately, not all of the visa consultancies have the right knowledge and skillset to cater the needs of those people and sometimes, some of them fail to provide the right information as well.

It has been observed the the visa consultancy sometimes sells fake documentation, such as, financial documentations and/or fake sponsorship. This action if found in the interview process could end up in permanent illegibility for that person to get a visa. Please remember, that you and you alone are responsible for the exactness of the data provided in your visa application. You should thoroughly read the visa application before signing it and ensure that information held within is true and accurate. If you provide false information intentionally during the interview or on the visa application itself, the results could be catastrophic.

We at Pakistan Travel & Tours are fully aware of such issues and we carefully work with our clients to ensure that all the information provided in the visa application is 100% accurate and no fake and/or false information has been provided in the documentation.